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We offer both full and partial home staging in Mount Maunganui, Papamoa and throughout the Tauranga region.


Home staging in its entirety is about telling a story by opening a space to a vision of what could be. Let's tell a story of your home, and take your space on a journey by  filling it with good energy and tranquility, the possibilities will be endless.  


COHESIVE INTERIORS  can transform your Tauranga home by using beautiful soft, muted tones that enhance everything that feels great in a room while adding ambience and cohesion all the way through.


Our furnishings are sourced specifically for each individual home, while the finer details are selected to create a feeling of cohesion and calm. Let's light up the story of possibilities by using a variety of textures and palettes, the aroma of flickering candles, the energy of nature, all the while setting furniture to give your entire home great flow, because how your home feels for potential buyers will determine the flow of money that comes back to you in return. Let's showcase a home to fall in love with.


Let us take your potential buyers on a journey that they will fall in love with!


Get in touch with Amy now to discuss your home staging requirements.


2bedroom from $1200
3 bedroom from $1450
4 bedroom from $1700

Occupied Home  P.O.A

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