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Home Staging: The Art of Telling a House’s Story

Home owners know their house inside out, from the house’s best traits to its strangest quirks. New visitors don’t have the time or experience to get to know a house intimately, which is why staging is important if you’re trying to sell. Home staging merges story telling with interior design in order to make sure your house makes an excellent first impression to potential home buyers.

At home staging and property styling company Cohesive Interiors, we know how to showcase the best Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa houses have to offer.

What Exactly is Home Staging?

Home staging is the art of telling a house’s story. By strategic placement of furniture, décor and finer details in your home, house staging shows off the unique personality of the house and gets visitors to picture themselves living within those walls. Home staging highlights attributes and lessens undesirable qualities to increase the odds of selling your house quickly and for a higher price.

What Interior Décor Style Does Home Staging Use?

House staging is less about the latest trends and more about creating cohesive ambience with universal appeal throughout the entire house. The furniture and décor are not meant to stand out in their own right, but rather show off the house’s potential and get people imagining themselves in your house.

At Cohesive Interiors, we like to use soft, muted and attractive tones as part of our home staging services. Each home we style is different, and the particular market we are working in is taken into account. A luxury house by the beach in Mount Maunganui will be staged differently to a first-home in Tauranga.

How Does Staging Tell a House’s Story?

There are opportunities within the entire house to help tell the story. A warm and inviting entrance way will have people imagining themselves relaxing as they walk through the doors after work. A clean and crisp kitchen will have them picturing the meals they can enjoy – and forget about those pesky dishes! Playing with furniture layout in the lounge can highlight a feature fireplace and make the space look larger.

My House Looks Pretty Good Already

If your house furniture and décor do the trick, that’s great. And if you feel like you’re mostly there but want a little bit of help to showcase your house’s strengths or turn a home office into a spare bedroom, our home staging company offers partial home staging services as well.

If you want help telling your house’s story for that upcoming open home, get in touch with

Cohesive Interiors today – we work across Tauranga, Mount Maunganui and Papamoa.

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